Mariano Sternheim

Mariano Sternheim

VP of Mission Design

Mariano Sternheim serves as Satellogic's VP of Mission design. He initially joined the company in 2015 to lead the AOCS team, he would go on to also lead the Payload team as well as Systems Engineering.

Following this experience, Mariano departed to participate in Moon Lander project in Japan. However, he chose to return to Satellogic shortly after.

In his current role Mariano focuses on high-level design for satellite and mission concepts, taking advantage of his extensive space industry hands-on experience in both the bus and the payload.

Mariano has over 15 years of experience working for large engineering projects. Before joining Satellogic, he worked for ABB developing industrial automation and control systems for Oil & Gas and Logistics companies.

He is an electronics engineer with special interest in signal processing, estimation and control systems theory and applications. Beyond technology, Mariano is an avid reader and enjoys playing soccer and chess.